Sustainability and Community are vital at this Stirling-Rawdon farm

9 Mar

Sally and Michael Knight have been running Strattons Farm in Stirling-Rawdon for just over a year. Inspired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his River Cottage, the Knights desired to become more self-sufficient and looked into moving to Canada where agricultural land was far cheaper than in the UK. The opportunity presented itself when Sally was headhunted for a job in Montreal. They purchased a small piece of land in rural Quebec and Michael was able to leave his job in the IT industry and begin a new career in agriculture.

After four years of commuting to the city while Michael maintained the small farm, they were ready to take the next step towards becoming completely self-sufficient. They sold their home in Quebec and made an offer on a 150 year old home on 100 acres in Stirling-Rawdon. These first-generation farmers are ecstatic to be growing organic vegetables and have recently welcomed May and Lily, two Suffolk Punch Mares, to help with the farming this year.      

There is something ironic about Sally and Michael’s story. By leaving the IT industry behind and moving into a 19th century home, they are really exhibiting what doing business in the 21st century is all about. I’m going to steal borrow an idea from Umair Haque to explain.

The 20th century was about Fast Food – unhealthy, unreal, unkind to animals, workers, and our environment, and generally not all that tasty.

The 21st century is about Slow Food – food that tastes better, is better for you, builds community, supports local farmers and local agriculture, and is produced by real people who are good stewards of the land.

Sally and Michael at Strattons farm are growing food that makes people authentically better off. In the summer you can visit Sally and Michael at the Stirling Farmers’ Market, at their farm gate, or sign up for one of their CSA boxes (only a few shares remain). You can also check out what they are up to at Strattons Farm on their blog.


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